Friday, March 17, 2017

One Week 100 People 2017 (Sketching Challenge) Day 6

By Day 6 I sketched a total of 70 people of the #oneweek100people2017 challenge. After that, I ran out of steam. This was a great experience and I could see my sketches improve each day. I got a lot out of this challenge. First of all, I would never have tried to do this much sketching in a week and I did sketches in different medias which is another thing I would be reluctant to try and do.

Day Six

Friday, March 10, 2017

One Week 100 People 2017 (Sketching Challenge)

I decided to join the #oneweek100people2017 challenge which starts March 5, 2017 and was created by Marc Holmes and Liz Steel. The challenge is to go out and sketch 100 live people (preferable) or if that's not possible use videos and photos. My schedule doesn't allow for people watching this week so I'm  using photos and YouTube videos with an occasional sketch of my hubby on his recliner. So far I up to Day 4 and falling behind on the 100 people count. I keep getting caught up in the details of the sketches and will need to simplify by drawing faster and looser.

Day One

Day Two
Day Three
Day Four